Write a paragraph on haste makes waste sayings

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Write a paragraph on haste makes waste sayings

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Ideas Whatever you are working on at the time In sum, this phrase means that hurrying through our tasks will often mean that we do not perform them efficiently.

Expansion of the proverb. This proverb admonishes us to plan ahead, and take time and care over every single step of a project. We may think that getting things done quickly is the most efficient thing to do, but in our haste we may plan things badly, make mistakes that need to be rectified at a later date and cut corners that will ultimately cause us to take much more time on the project in the long run.

Cutting corners at home, at work or at school may results in wasted time and resources. Taking time over something can be enjoyable and more productive.

Skipping a plan can result in overspending or poor use of resources. Being less hasty can save time in the long run as we spend less time correcting hasty mistakes. One of the striking things about this proverb is also its use of rhyme.

When considered as a single sentence, the proverb contains an internal rhyme: Many proverbs work with rhyme in this way.

The two monosyllabic rhymes in this proverb, haste and waste, make it memorable. When proverbs are as old as this one, they were often part of an oral rather than a written culture and were passed down the generations by people saying them to each other rather than writing them down.

Again, the use of rhyme will have made the proverbs more memorable. Significance of the proverb. We can apply this proverb to all aspects of our lives, from the tasks that we have to perform at work, to writing letters or emails to loved ones, to studying at school or learning a new skill.

The significance of the proverb is summarized below: Reminding us to take care with our work: When people do not cut corners, they actually save time in the long run as they do not need to go back and sort out all of the things that they did wrong when the job is complete.

We can slip on unseen obstacles or fail to read health and safety notices properly. As a result of accidents and injuries, a lot of time and money can be lost.

write a paragraph on haste makes waste sayings

Appreciating the good things in life: Why rush through a park on the way to work when you could stop and appreciate the beauty of nature, for example? An initial plan ensures that everything runs smoothly and that time and resources will not be wasted due to careless thinking.

Ironically, sometimes the biggest waste of time is rushing around trying to get things done. This proverb perfectly expresses that. Saying this proverb to oneself or to another person can really help to lighten the load that stress can place on our lives.

Saving money and resources: When less waste is produced by both businesses and private individuals, their impact on the environment is lessened.

And, producing less waste also helps to cut costs. This proverb suggests a simple way to eliminate waste from our lives: One of the advantages of this proverb is its near universal applicability. It can apply to so many different fields of life, including both work and leisure time.

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write a paragraph on haste makes waste sayings
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