Thesis chapter submitted heart myocardium scaffold

Again, some tissue engineering applications e. Although, bone has splendid ability to heal itself after injury, there is still a space left to accelerate the healing process for non-union injuries. To address this problem, a novel gelatin based bio-nanocomposite material had been developed using ceramic particles found in clay minerals.

Thesis chapter submitted heart myocardium scaffold

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Antonella Bongiovanni and Janusz Rak Most cancer cells release heterogeneous populations of extracellular vesicles containing proteins, lipids and nucleic acids that reflect, at least in part, the cell of origin. Accumulating data obtained in vitro has demonstrated that the molecules packaged in extracellular vesicles can be functionally transferred into a variety of recipient cells affecting their gene expression and behaviour.

Vesicles released by human tumour cells have been shown to interfere with anti-tumor immunity, and it has been suggested that tumor-released vesicles play a role in autocrine signalling, the formation of a pre-metastatic niche, drug resistance, angiogenesis and stromal remodelling.

However, how tumour cell behaviour is altered upon extracellular vesicle uptake in vivo is largely unknown. We developed a novel method to visualize the functional transfer of molecules packaged in extracellular vesicles in real-time in living mice, providing further opportunities to study in detail the distribution and biological relevance of extracellular vesicles between various cells and tissues.

Using this method, we show in living mice that local and systemic transfer of molecules carried by extracellular vesicles is a physiological process that is directly coupled to the migratory behaviour and metastatic capacity of recipient breast cancer cells.

The data presented here are consistent with the idea that tumour cells do not act autonomously, but can share proteins and nucleic acids with other tumour cells, locally and systemically. These results shed light on the mutual influence of cancer cells and draw a new perspective on the complexity of intercellular communication in diseases such as cancer.

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Prostate cancer PCa is the most common malignancy in men. Whereas overall survival of patients with early-diagnosed localized PCa is high, metastasized PCa decreases survival dramatically.

Tumor cells influence their microenvironment to enhance tumour progression and metastasis.

Thesis chapter submitted heart myocardium scaffold

Recently it was found that tumor-derived exosomes play a role in this communication between tumour cells and surrounding stromal and epithelial cells. We aim to provide novel insight into the exosome-mediated mechanisms by which PCa cells influence their microenvironment. Using live cell confocal imaging and high-resolution microscopy, the different stages of uptake and intracellular processing of PCa-derived exosomes by prostate epithelial cells were visualized.

This will be accompanied by development of approaches to block exosome function. Exosomes from PCa cell line DU are isolated by differential ultracentrifugation and labelled by a fluorescent membrane dye e.

Uptake and further processing of fluorescently labelled exosomes by non-tumorigenic prostate epithelial cells are followed on different time scales, from seconds to multiple hours, by live cell imaging using conventional confocal microscopy and, for high-speed imaging, spinning disk microscopy.

Different stages of exosome uptake and co-localization of exosomes with specific proteins are studied in more detail using structured illumination super-resolution microscopy SIM. Confocal time-lapse images show a rapidly initiated and continuous uptake of individual fluorescently labelled exosomes by living PNT2C2 cells.

High-speed spinning disk microscopy shows that internalized exosomes are transported via microtubules.

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This was extended with super-resolution co-localization studies between exosomes and proteins involved in endocytosis that showed processing of internalized exosomes through endosome and lysosome pathways. Different imaging approaches enabled us to visualize subsequent steps and dynamics of exosome interaction, uptake and further processing by target cells.

Using high-speed imaging and super-resolution SIM allows us to further unravel the molecular mechanisms of action and the role of exosomes in PCa.

O1A Hodgkin lymphoma cells dispatch shedding-sensitive signalling proteins on microvesicles to transiently interact with the tumour microenvironment Hinrich P. Hansen 1, Adriana F.

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Hodgkin lymphoma HL -affected lymphoid tissue contains only a few disseminated tumour cells, which stimulate immune cells in the tumour microenvironment not to suppress but to support tumour growth.

Extracellular vesicles EVs from the tumour cells participate in this communication Hansen et al. EVs were isolated by sequential ultracentrifugation and investigated by electron and confocal microscopy as well as bead-coupled flow cytometry.

Immune cell migration was performed by chemotaxis experiments and video time-lapse Email [email protected]; Citations. Abstract Introduction Despite their unfavorable cardiovascular risk profile, patients with Glycogen Storage Disease type 1a (GSD 1a) do not develop premature atherosclerosis.

We hypothesized that this paradox may be related to a decreased Thomas, Melissa M, Vigna, Chris, Betik, Andrew C, Tupling, A Russell and Hepple, Russell T () Cardiac calcium pump inactivation and nitrosylation in senescent rat myocardium are not attenuated by long-term treadmill Selection of a biomaterial-based scaffold that mimics native myocardial extracellular matrix (ECM) architecture can facilitate functional cell attachment and differentiation.

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Tutor of several thesis research works for: PhD students in Materials, Mechatronics and System Engineering; PhD students involved in the Engineering and Material Science double PhD in collaboration with Colorado University at Boulder, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Boulder, CO, USA; master students in Materials Engineering .

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