Quit your job and write a book

This is a guest post from Jason over at Tribe. In lateI was approaching 9 years at my job. I worked in a management position for the largest privately held corporation in Philadelphia. I was being compensated well with a 6-figure salary and benefits package.

Quit your job and write a book

Read the disclosure policy. I quit my six-figure job I worked my whole life to get. In MayI graduated law school. I started working at a law firm, at an entry-level attorney job.

So, inI set a goal to get a high-paying job — another job as an attorney. I achieved this goal in December and officially started my new job in January I was so excited. I mean I really was happy and thought this was it — I had made it. I was an associate corporate attorney, making six figures a year.

My plan was to pay off my student loans in five years or less. I started my job and instantly hated it.

quit your job and write a book

I worked non-stop around the clock. Leaving by six was the best-case scenario. Worst case was midnight. And the events after work or during lunch left very little time for anything outside of work at all.

Working weekends was the norm. And if you had work to do in the evening but had to go to a work event, you had to do both. Meaning, after the event you had to go back to the office to finish your work. In April, I worked a month straight late into the night.

When asked how many hours I was billing, partners were thrilled at my reply. The more you worked, the better. I cried a lot. I know that some people work well in this type of setting — some people are cut out to be deal lawyers and work in private equity.

A lot of my coworkers thrived in this setting. I literally would think about crashing my car so I could just wake up in a hospital and not have to work.Many people have dreams of writing a book, but very few ever do.

quit your job and write a book

They think it's too hard, that they don't know enough, don't have enough time, aren't smart enough or whatever other excuse they. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Jason over at vetconnexx.com 72% of us dream about living life on our own terms, escaping the day job, breaking down the cubicle walls .

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Apr 09,  · In such cases, the online wisdom is: As incredibly tempting as it may be, don’t go home and flame your recent employer on Facebook, and don’t send an email to your . The following is a bit true, but also a bit tongue-in-cheek I know that many people love their jobs and find them fulfilling!

1. When you work for someone else, your employer will take most of the profits. Ordinary Job, Ordinary Life “Quit your job? But I thought having a job was a good thing!” Jobs feel safe.

How I Quit My Job To Be Happy

We show up, do what we’re supposed to do, and a check for the same amount comes in every couple of weeks. Quit Your Job & Move To Key West: The Complete Guide [David L.

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