No smoking in public places essay help

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No smoking in public places essay help

Despite the fact that many researches proved the harm that smoking inflicted on the health of a person, both smokers and non-smokers continue speculating about smoking and its hazardous impact. Naturally, legislators have become prone to banning smoking in public places in order to ensure health and safety of non-smokers, who want to avoid the exposure to cigarette smoke involuntarily.

The smokers themselves share different viewpoints as to the smoking ban. However, the tendency is continuing toward the ban of smoking in the majority of public places, which include bars, restaurants, stores, workplaces and others.

To protect nonsmokers, many states are banning smoking in public places See Figure 1. In addition to the states that have been listed as having smoke free laws, 10 more states have enacted laws that prohibits smoking in one or two venues, but not all three venues. This essay focuses on laws that will prohibit smoking in private-sector worksites, restaurants, and bars.

See Figure 1 These three venues have been selected because they are a major source of exposure for nonsmoking patrons in public places.

no smoking in public places essay help

The CDC considers a state smoke-free law to be comprehensive if it prohibits smoking in these three venues. Some states have enact laws that have less stringent smoking restrictions. The restrictions for smoking in designated areas or away from buildings have the state laws not effectively eliminating exposure to second-hand smoke.

The only way to keep second-hand smokers safe is to eliminate smoking in all public places. Some states strictly prohibits any type of lighting up where there is a public gathering, while some make exceptions for freestanding bars to allow smoking in the establishment.

There are several states that have smoke-free laws that exempt stand-alone bars in places like Florida, Arkansas and Tennessee. Some states take the bans even further, like in Hawaii prohibits smoking on outdoor patios.

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While the state of New York law allows 25 percent of its outdoor areas to be a smoking area as long as it is separated from nonsmokers. While other states banned smoking with a wide variation to their laws. There have been several states this year alone that have considered similar smoking bans, with some that prohibit smoking in vehicles where they have young children as passengers.

The state of California was the first to adopt the smoke-free law in Soon after many states followed suit, with some states banning smoking completely in workplaces, restaurants and bars. While other states banned smoking in some places but not in all places e.

The spike in states smoke-free laws have increased over the last few years. Therefore, the environmental impact of cigarettes can be reduced by devising and passing the law that prohibits smoking in public places.

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If the ban of smoking in all public places is imposed on the smokers, it may positively influence the smokers as well as the secondhand smokers, and non-smokers. The ban will ensure that the public places are safe for secondhand smokers and non-smokers, and they are not exposed to the adverse health effects induced by the released gases.

Moreover, the ban will reduce or even eliminate the possibility of non-smokers or secondhand smokers to become active smokers in the future, thus diminishing the number of smokers, and decreasing the demand on cigarettes.

The declining demand on tobacco products will eradicate the air, water, and soil pollution, which is entailed by the manufacturing, and consumption of cigarettes. The ban will probably exert more pressure and encourage people to quit smoking at home, around children. Therefore, the ban of smoking in all public places may have a positive outcome for the future of the society by devaluating smoking and encouraging healthy lifestyle.

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Health hazard evaluation report:Essay on Smoking Bans in Public Places Help Save Lives “One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying” (“Smoking”). It is no surprise that smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the nation.

There is overwhelming evidence that smoking affects our health. Related Documents: Smoking in Public Places Essay Smoking: Smoking and Smoking Cessation Ad Essay Smoking Child: A Rhetorical Analyses Typically when an anti-smoking advertisement is played on the radio or a television station, most people continue watching without comprehending the message.

Smoking should definatly be banned in public places. The places they do allow smoking might lose a bit of money, but it will also help with the health problems that occur. Most people beleive that someone who is not in the smoking area of the public place will not be affected by the smoke, but smoke.

Let’s start with the advantages of banning smoking in public places. The number one being that it will not only help in saving smokers from various kinds of health conditions and diseases, but will also is beneficial for passive smokers. Garmin jeevan essay help ilaria frana dissertation writing savills hong kong research papers list of linking words for essays about life get tough on crime essay writing.

Smoking should be banned in public places for and against essay. 4 stars based on reviews Essay. General.

Free Public Ban on Smoking Essay Sample. Banning public smoking will also help not only the smokers but second-hand smokers including pregnant women. The study also suggests that a public ban on smoking will reduce asthma admissions in hospitals. The author argues and supports a smoking ban in public places and asserts that asthma.

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