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Nicole terry essays

Stephen Ames The importance of labels was memorably expressed by R. He claimed that if someone labeled a scientist said "All men are machines", he might receive a Nobel prize.

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In contrast, if someone labeled a schizophrenic said "I am a machine", he would promptly be locked away. An attempt to evaluate the relative merits of these two diametrically opposed positions, was made by David Rosenhan of Stanford University. David Rosenhan was extremely interested in the various approaches that have been adopted towards the treatment of psychiatric disorders.


He wondered, is it really as simple to distinguish between normality and abnormality as is implied by the medical model? Finally he came up with a way of trying to determine how well psychiatrist are able to distinguish between the normal and the abnormal, or between the sane and insane.

What would happen if a number of entirely sane people attempted to gain admission to a mental hospital by pretending to have one of the symptoms of insanity? Would they be classified insane?

If they were admitted, would thestaff realize that a mistake had been made?

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The answers to these and other questions were obtained in a study in which eight normal people, five men and three women, attempted to gain admission to twelve different psychiatric hospitals. The twelve psychiatric hospitals were located in five different states on the East and West coasts.

Each of the eight participants phoned the hospital asking for an appointment. All were judged to be insane, and all were admitted to the hospital, on the basis of their symptom.

Nicole terry essays

One was diagnosed as manic-depressive psychosis, the others as schizophrenic. But as soon as they had been admitted the participants stopped simulating signs of abnormality, although several had a brief period of nervousness and anxiety because they felt they would immediately be exposed as frauds.

In general, they behaved in a friendly and cooperative way. The only strange activity they engaged in was they spent time writing down their observations about the ward they were in.

To begin with, these notes were written in secret, but it became clear that the staff did not notice, so the note-taking was done quite openly.

This, in my humble opinion, was accomplished because most people who work on a psychiatric ward This is from personal experience are some of the lowest functioning people in society. Their main concern is control of your thoughts and emotions. They seem to enjoy overpowering you to the point of the destruction of your mental faculties.

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What they can not accomplish with torture and punishment, they accomplish through pharmaceuticals. If you resist the taking of the pharmaceuticals, you will be held down and be given them by either injection or enema. The structure of the various hospitals was such that those of the greatest professional status had the least to do with their patients.

The average daily contact of the participants was about 6 minutes. The actual length of hospitalization ranged from 7 to 52 days.Essays by Nicole Terry.

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