Landform report

At some places the land may be too high, at some places very low, some areas would be lush green and certain areas are dry and barren. Our planet earth is a beautiful collaboration of various physical features. These different physical features are called the various landforms on the surface of the earth. These are geographical features that control the ecosystem, climate, weather and the essence of life on earth.

Landform report

The northern section of the swamp.

Landform report

The dark patches are inundated. Blue is low and red is high. Dark blue is sea level.

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See an enlarged legend below the image Landform report shows the current extent of the 4. Below that is the former shire tip and current Truemans Rd recreation complex, on infilled former swampland The central part of the picture shows ridges of the aeolian calcareous made from shells sand dunes of the Cups landform Coastal Moonah Woodland occurs on these sand ridges and the lower frost-prone depressions in light blue of the cups once supported grassland vegetation with scattered Sheoak, Banksia and Wirilda Wattles Smythe The Boneo plain begins at the right edge in pale yellow The elevated area at top right is the Rosebud South acid sands land formation and the parallel bay dune deposits that Rosebud, Tootgarook and Rye are built on, are obvious 2, years ago, the swamp and those town sites were under the sea, which was up to 1.

The wetland acts as a retarding basin, protecting low-lying residential land between it and Port Phillip Bay see photo below Once covering hectares, today just hectares remain Condina, and most is in private hands and much of that is subject to grazing and other pressures Introduced species and incremental development encroachments see picture at left continue to further erode the wetland's total area, habitat and biodiversity The majority of the remaining hectares is recognised by DSE as a biosite of state significance and supports flora and fauna and EVCs of state and regional significance If the proposed Mornington Peninsula freeway proceeds the reservation alignment can be seen entering the wetland at top right there will be damage done to the biodiversity values as well as having hydrological impacts through bisecting the swamp with a major embankment Original image: Mornington Peninsula Shire Above: Two of the Ostracods are new.

Cypris tenuisculpta, and Limnicythere sicula. It is probable that in late Pliocene and on to Pleistocene times this area was connected with N.

Tasmania, as an emergence of Bass Strait of 40 fathoms would show the earliest land connection at these points. This land now has a conservation covenant applied to the title and will benefit from the substantial funding available to covenanted land.This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

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A stream is a body of water with surface water flowing within the bed and banks of a channel. The stream encompasses surface and groundwater fluxes that respond to geological, geomorphological, hydrological and biotic controls..

Depending on its location or certain characteristics, a stream may be referred to by a variety of local or regional names. Nov 09,  · A third grade teacher uses songs and drawings to teach kids about the landforms and features on our Earth.

The different major landforms are mountains, hills, valleys, plateaus, plains and deserts. Facts about Mountains A mountain is the highest landform on the surface of the earth. The Biodiversity Conservation Act and the Amendments to the Local Land Services Act commenced on 25 August The new legislation is a culmination of extensive independent review and stakeholder and community input.

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