Brl hardy case analysis recommendations

Problem Statement Michael Mondavi and Greg Evans have realised that since their markets are heavily dependent on the US markets, they face a legitimate threat from the large diversified alcoholic companies who are aggressively consolidating and entering into the premium wine business.

Brl hardy case analysis recommendations

Brl hardy case analysis recommendations

Final grades will assigned either using the above performance standards or on a class curve. Class Contribution Grade The structure of this class may be somewhat different from most of the other classes you have taken. One theory of learning posits that learning is a process or cycle with four steps: Traditional teaching that is focused on lecturing generally helps a student with abstract conceptualization.

Discussion teaching attempts to bring all four steps into the classroom. Collective Brl hardy case analysis recommendations personal observation is then forthcoming. Given all this, the following principles are fundamental to this class: A discussion class is a partnership in which students and the instructor share the responsibilities and power of teaching and the privilege of learning together.

A discussion group must evolve from a collection of individuals into a learning community with shared values and common goals. This means that we are all in this together.

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The success of the class will depend on the level of involvement, preparedness, and enthusiasm each of us brings to class. A variety of classroom discussion techniques will be used during the class to facilitate discussion.

Sometimes you will contribute as an individual and sometimes as part of a team. Sometimes you will be "cold-called" or "warm-called" and asked to provide relevant commentary.

For this class to run successfully, you must come to class prepared. In addition to completing all of the assigned reading prior to coming to class, you should be prepared to offer original and thoughtful analysis in which your claims are supported by evidence, logic, and possible calculations.

For each reading, you should be able to summarize the reading, provide relevant commentary, and offer insightful questions to extend discussion of the reading. For a case, you must do more than just read the case during the last minute before class see handout. Since in order to contribute to the class you must be in class, attendance may be taken at the beginning of each class.

Any unexcused absence may result in a significant deduction to your class contributions grade. While I recognize that we are in London and there are many other things to do besides attend class, if you miss a discussion class the entire group suffers from your absence.

If you do not think you can make a commitment to attend class then you should be willing to accept the consequences to your grade.

To help you prepare for case discussions, some question s will be posed for each case requiring your response. You should provide answers to this question through WebCampus: The deadline for submitting your answers 7: Overall Class Contributions Grade: Your class contribution grade will depend heavily on both the quality and quantity of in-class contributions.

Individual contribution grades may be assigned based on a class curve. Here is a rough guideline on the assignment of class contributions grades: The exams will consist of two parts.

Part 1 will assess your knowledge and comprehension of the material assigned from the Peng textbook for that particular week. Part 2 will assess your ability of application and analysis of theoretical material to the assigned case studies.

This part of the exam will assess your ability to analyze a case study and apply relevant theory and course material.

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These questions will be essay and will be discussed or given out in advance. You will be expected to utilize material from all the assigned readings in the class. Exams will only cover material from the week and will not be cumulative. Graduate Term Paper Requirement: Graduate students will be required to complete a strategic audit of existing organization.Case Analysis.

Two new product launch decisions face Christopher Carson, managing director of BRL Hardy, Europe. Responsible for the European operations of a major Australian wine company, Carson has begun to globalize his strategy beyond selling the parent company's wines.

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There are 7 s premier. Introducing a Wine into the Chinese Market. BRL Hardy Case Study.  BRL Hardy: Globalizing an Australian Wine Company 7/14/ Figure 1: Position of BRL Hardy Europe in “Roles for national subsidiaries” Matrix Given that the UK market accounted for two-thirds of BRL Hardy’s export sales, it is a strategically important market.

Along with text material, case studies will be used in this course as a mechanism for the development of analytical and decision-making skills and highlighting the reality of organizational and environmental uncertainties in strategic decision making. BRL Hardy: Globalizing an Australian Wine Company: Interviews with Steve Millar and Christopher Carson Video case study solution, BRL Hardy: Globalizing an Australian Wine Company: Interviews with Steve Millar and Christopher Carson Video case study analysis, Subjects Covered Competitive strategy Entrepreneurship Implementing strategy International business International marketing New .

BRL Hardy 3. Chapter of the Global Competitiveness Report, , downloadable from case discussion class which applies the concepts, tools, research findings and general experience 3. In-class team presentation of strategic analysis and recommendations to management of the BRL Hardy company – 20% 4.

Final individual report.

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