Assessment task 1 1

Creating an Authentic Task If you completed Step 1 identify your standards successfully, then the remaining three steps, particularly this one, will be much easier. With each step it is helpful to return to your goals and standards for direction. For example, imagine that one of your standards is Students will describe the geographic, economic, social and political consequences of the Revolutionary War.

Assessment task 1 1

Your assessor will be looking for: Appendix 1 — Scenario: They also have a division which leases forklifts and small trucks. Change After 12 years in business, focusing on forklifts and small trucks, JKL has been offered the sales rights to a range of medium and large trucks from an overseas supplier.

This opportunity will provide JKL with an advantage in range over its competitors. The rental market has been in decline for the past three years due to the reduced costs of these vehicles and some taxation benefits to industries who purchase these vehicles. Taking the sales opportunity will, however entail some significant changes, including significant changes to the current organisational structure.

The company will reposition itself to focus solely on retail sales and service and exit the rentals market in which forces such as competition and consumer choice reduce potential profitability. HR role HR will have a key role to play in the implementation of strategic and operational changes.

The significant changes to the organisation Assessment task 1 1 provide an opportunity for HR to potentially restructure and certainly rethink how it delivers services to internal clients. HR will need to consider company strategic directions, the external business environment, and the needs of employees and managers to implement the strategy effectively.

There has been a tendency to manage issues on an ad hoc basis rather than drive the business through long-term industrial relations objectives. Responsibility for industrial relations issues has been spread between various levels of management including the Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Service Manager and Human Resources Officers for each branch.

This has led to issues of inconsistency and allegations of unfair work practices, with team members confused as to their entitlements and unsure of how to resolve grievances and conflict appropriately.

On several occasions the union has become involved in disputes when team members have been unable to resolve issues with their line managers. There have been instances of workplace conflict which have not been satisfactorily resolved and have led to complaints of discrimination and unfair dismissal.

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Employees have heard rumours of the forthcoming changes in the structure of the organisation and the move into medium and large truck sales. There are concerns about possible redundancies but no information from management has been forthcoming.

There has been a history of dissatisfaction within the organisation relating to pay and conditions with some employees complaining they are not receiving the entitlements they should be.

Management skills and knowledge The current management team has little understanding of industrial relations matters and has been appointed to their current positions based on their abilities in sales or their technical skills.

They have limited understanding of Australian workplace agreements and a tendency to refer any problems to the HR officers.

This has led to conflict and dissatisfaction within the work teams and is felt to be a contributing factor to the high turnover of staff in some departments. HR is seen to merely provide administrative assistance, but not to contribute to the achievement of business goals in more direct or meaningful ways.

The HR officers have experience in understanding and interpreting Australian Workplace Agreements from an administrative perspective. They have limited knowledge of strategic management and have little control over or influence in implementing industrial relations policy.

As they report directly to the Division Manager, they are functioning more as administration assistants than as a strategic HR resource.Please note that changing the assessment task to include different types of stimulus material, or different questions and activities, can change the level of a task.

Tasks that have more than minimal changes should be validated with other ACSF professionals to ensure judgements match the benchmark.

Assessment task 1 —Individual assignment Due date: Tuesday of Week 6 ( pm AEST) ASSESSMENT Weighting: Length: 30 % Approximately 2 words 1 Objectives This assessment item relates to the course learning outcome numbers 1 to 5.

Question 1 Total 6 marks You are an investor seeking an investment opportunity. You have obtained the financial statements of two separate, . Assessment Task 1 Outcome Covered 1 1) Analyze the relationship between organizational goals, objectives and policies and explain their contribution to effective management in the case study.

The overall objective, the mission and the purpose of an organization is communicated through goals. It is a long term target of a business. As in the above example, a rubric is comprised of two components: criteria and levels of rubric has at least two criteria and at least two levels of performance.

QRT TASK 1 Robyn Rollins-Root Western Governors University QRT TASK 1 A1.

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Viability of Product or Service Jordan Valley Medical Center is a bed community hospital located in West Jordan, Utah. This modern medical center is equipped with the latest technology to provide comprehensive health care.

Formative assessment, including diagnostic testing, is a range of formal and informal assessment procedures conducted by teachers during the learning process in order to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student attainment.

Assessment task 1 1

It typically involves qualitative feedback (rather than scores) for both student and teacher that focuses on the details of content and performance.

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