Applications of biometrics in cloud security

The reference model is first store in a database or a secure portable element like a smart card. The data stored is then compared to the person's biometric data to be authenticated. Here it is the person's identity which is being verified. In this mode, the question being asked is:

Applications of biometrics in cloud security

It is cost-effective, scalable, reliable and hardware agnostic, making enhanced security accessible anytime and anywhere. Click for a detailed list of all our biometrics reports It is this reliability and reduced costs that are contributing to strong growth projections for biometrics as a service.

BioID, ImageWare Systems, IriTech and more Technavio analysts have identified six vendors that are expected to have a big impact on the biometrics as a service market through the forecast period.

BioID BioID provides multimodal biometrics authentication to enterprises and supports applications on mobile and web devices. ImageWare Systems allows enterprises to deploy multimodal biometrics-based identity and authentication management solutions. ImageWare Systems has partnered with integrated IT solutions provider CDW to provide cloud-based biometrics authentication solutions to its customers.

Its cloud-based biometrics products include: Cloud-based platform for ID management that decreases the original cost involved with traditional infrastructure GoMobile Interactive: Platform that secures mobile applications with the help of mobile biometrics Biometric Engine: IriSecureID is a cloud-based biometrics service that includes iris recognition functions like individual enrollment, identification, and verification.

IriSecureIDService is deployed on a cloud server, which receives requests from client applications and distributes it to different processing nodes on the server. IriShield camera is used for capturing images of the iris.

FingerCheck provides cloud-based workforce management software solutions and enables clients to successfully manage workforce time attendance with payroll integration features. The company provides streamlined time-tracking solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. FingerCheck provides all-in-one integrated biometrics solutions for workforce management.

These solutions enable employers to prevent time theft and buddy punching.

Applications of biometrics in cloud security

It offers biometric time clocks with fingerprint readers, color display for employee photos, and 3G connectivity to transmit real-time data over the Internet.

Secur-eye provides one-time cloud-based attendance systems based on biometrics. It provides a standalone biometrics system with optical fingerprint sensors, USB data backup support, and an MS Excel reporting system. It also provides an IP biometrics system with voice-guided instruction, a high-resolution optical fingerprint scanner, and a USB communication mode.

Its other biometrics systems feature face recognition, rolling fingerprint scanners, binocular IRIS scanners, and fingerprint scanners. For industrial clients, it provides a biometric attendance system for access control, school management, employee management, visitor management, and canteen management.

It operates as part of Safran and is headquartered in Massachusetts, US.Security is fundamental to the success of using cloud-based applications for your business.

Applications of biometrics in cloud security

When you adopt biometrics for your cloud computing you will experience reliability, scalability, cost savings, and several other benefits. Our biometric technology and solutions enable government agencies to better solve crimes, prevent fraud in voting or public benefit applications, secure national borders, or protect identities for a variety of other applications, such as access control and employee/applicant.

The results illustrate that security is the biggest concern. Security is the main issue users are concerned with when considering Cloud computing solutions. CHAPTER FOUR 4. 1 APPLICATION OF BIOMETRICS IN CLOUD SECURITY One of the Security risks in cloud computing according to Garfunkel [23] is hacked passwords or data intrusion.

With more businesses employing cloud applications and mobile devices for mission-critical processes and storing company information in public cloud services, enterprises are at risk of data breaches, fraud and other malicious.

With its zero-knowledge, end-to-end encrypted technology, Tresorit offers a HIPAA Share Files on the Go · European Data Centers · Share via Encrypted Links · Windows, Mac, Linux. Our % Cloud Infrastructure is designed to meet the strict security standards of our clients.

How Biometric Authentication Is Transforming the Security of Cloud Computing